Pregnancy is a time of great transition and brings up a lot for almost all of us. It brings forward our own experiences of being mothered, it brings us into direct relationship to our early development and early trauma, it can bring up our relationship to sex, pain, sexuality, to being vulnerable and it asks us to be able to connect, trust and let go.

For all of these reasons many woman are triggered, I have worked with survivors of trauma in birth for many years and have seen people heal from profound pain through processing what comes up in pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.


To help explore and connect to what comes forward in this period of time I would recommend one to one sessions of Trauma therapy or Cranial Sacral Therapy.

But For clients who are looking for specialist support during the birth I offer specialist birth doula services.

In this role I attend your labour from when ever you feel you need me right up until the baby has been born and is feeding. In this role I am there to offer both emotional and physical support. I am also there to advocate on your behalf, to ensure that your wishes are respected. As an experienced doula I can offer reassurance, insight and a sense of security.

My birth package includes antenatal meetups, birth support and postnatal check ups.

For an informal chat about this service you can email me - or call now on 07518714434

Although it has been my greatest joy and passion to support families during the wonderful transition of birth, it also demands that I be local and on call for a month and due to other work commitments this is not always possible for me anymore but if you are looking for trauma informed care of this type and I am not available I can recommend doulas who have undertaken my trauma informed birth support training and who I trust to offer compassionate, informed and trauma aware birth support.