Marcella Howard


Hi, I am Marcella Howard I am a Trauma Therapist, Cranial Sacral Therapist, doula - offering specialist support to survivors of trauma, I am also an Educator, Public speaker and a Workshop/ Retreat facilitator.

When I embarked into the world of birth support work I trained in Hypnotherapy, Active birth, mindfulness, nutrition for pregnancy, Antenatal teacher training, breastfeeding counsellor training and placenta encapsulation training and many more. With each teacher and each training course I gained a new insight into the many layers and needs of the birthing woman, and growing baby and family, but I was still left feeling a lacking in how I could offer support to all that comes up in birth.

But I wanted to understand the relationship between birth outcomes and poverty, wanted to understand better why domestic violence rises in pregnancy and what kind of impact sexual abuse and assault might have on how a women feels about her care, her body, about being vulnerable and how these things might inhibit her capacity to connect.

With these questions in mind I began creating a space to explore these challenging aspects of pregnancy in my antenatal classes, this led to many woman sharing personal stories of surviving trauma and reaching out for support.

As woman continued to ask for specialised support and I went onto set up a service offering specialist trauma informed antenatal, birth and postpartum support.


This role led me to train in Trauma awareness, Somatic experiencing techniques for trauma support and Psychodynamic counselling skills. I found that many of the woman I worked with had a physical manifestation of their trauma, leaving them in pain, fatigue or in a dissociated state. I wanted to find a way I could offer them a space to rest, feel well and heal.

In my own healing Journey I had found Cranial to be life changing, it brought me home to my body, gave me a sense of my capacity to feel well and gave me a strong foundation to explore the wholeness of myself.

So I went on to train in Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy.

This nervous system approach to working with the trauma my clients were presenting was so effective that I began predominantly working one-to-one with Clients in a busy private practice.

Again my practice continues to evolve as clients often come now and feel inclined to verbally explore the unconscious effects of their life experiences.

To gain insight into the different psychotherapeutic approaches I volunteered in therapy centres and inspired by the amazing work in a psychodynamic counselling centre for vulnerable woman that I worked with I began a training in Psychodynamic Counselling skills that I am still doing today.

Throughout this work I have offered training to birth professionals on the impact trauma can have on birth outcomes.

I have found in working with trauma and with people in all of the work that I do that there is a constant question being asked of wether we are capable and worthy of receiving unconditional love and if it is possible for us to give unconditional love to others.

Are we enough?

The belief that somehow we are not enough prevents us from yielding to love, from accepting the power of our vulnerability, it stops us from connecting and leads us to look outward for an answer, advice, a fix, a way to heal and be ‘better’.

It has felt imperative to work one to one, with groups and in retreats to connect people to how it feels to sit in the knowledge that right now you are enough. With this as my foundation I run somatic meditation classes, community wellbeing groups, pregnancy, postnatal workshops, trainings, talks and retreats.

In my personal life I am in the ongoing process of letting go and yielding to the knowledge that I am enough, this has offered a compassionate relationship to my own process of healing and has given me a deep insight into how the experience of being enough, of coming home to my resources, my body and the whole reality of who I am has offered integration and directed me onto my unique, authentic life path.

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