Antenatal, Birth and Postnatal care for Survivors

For many years my Greatest passion has been to offer specialist antenatal, birth and postpartum care to women and families affected by Trauma. Most clients I have worked with have been survivors or Rape, childhood Sexual abuse and/or Domestic violence.


Antenatal Care

To support clients and their families to feel safe, to reduce potential triggers and to encourage connection with the developing baby I developed a specialist antenatal education.

It is my deepest belief that challenges present themselves during this period as an offering to heal and grow. Through connection, compassion and love I have seen the deepest of wounds find resolution, and clients find their voice, power and joy as they embark on the journey of parenthood.

The Antenatal education covers the following topics

  • Physiology of Birth,

  • Hormones in Labour,

  • Birth plans - Do you need one? Why? What to include.

  • Positive Birth stories - what is birth like? what to expect? Empowering Birth stories from other survivors

  • How might trauma impact our relationship to our bodies - can we connect to our body sensation and feel safe? What does it feel like to be vulnerable? How does it feel to be powerful?

  • Exploring potential triggers - how can we reduce potential Triggers - what can we learn from triggers? What do they mean? How to come back to the present moment.

  • What might happen in an emergency?

  • Use of breath to facilitate labour

  • Movement and positions in Labour

  • Explore fears - how to let go.

  • What does this change mean to you? how do you feel about being a parent?

  • Birth partners role - connecting to heart space.

  • Needs of mother and baby in birth and postpartum period.

  • Hypnotherapy principles - visualisations, birth affirmations, the use of touch.
    Massage (with a focus on safe, Trauma informed care)

  • How to explore what feels right for you as a parent - how to express this.

  • Connecting to your intuition.

  • Relating to the baby through dialogue and touch.

  • Setting boundaries.

  • Aromatherapy for birth

  • Nutrition - use of teas to meet nutritional needs

  • How does it feel to give and receive love unconditionally.

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Postpartum healing - how to avoid depression, overwhelm and PTSD in early motherhood.

  • Getting help - when? How? Why?

Each antenatal education is tailor made for each clients presenting needs.

Many of the clients that I see antenatally go onto hire me for birth and postnatal support.

The cost for is £80 per 1 ½ hour session - I recommend at least 5 of these sessions at a full package cost of £400

If you are in need of specialist support of this kind and are on a low income or benefits then please get in touch, I can sometimes access funding and am always working to make this support accessible to all.

I would also highly recommend both Trauma Therapy and Cranial Sacral Therapy for pregnant woman wanting to develop some strategies to connect to themselves, their needs and their developing baby.