Finding Clarity

During a ‘Finding Clarity Session’ Marcella holds a space where I can connect to my instinct, let go of fear and trust my intuition...I would recommend a session for with Marcella for anyone battling with Indecision or Anxiety
— Mia - Business Owner

Finding Clarity sessions are usually one off sessions that last an hour and a half, There is an expectation that you come with a specific issue you want to explore and gain clarity about. I have worked with people to explore issues in relationships, parenthood, career changes, moving home and understanding complex feeling in regards to loss, love, grief, illness and more.

During a session we explore the issue, first intellectually through dialogue, then through mindfulness, and cranial touch I help clients to drop into their somatic felt sense, how the issue feels in their body.

When we come into awareness of how we are experiencing an issue in relation to different parts of our body we can bring a deeper sense of what feels right. We connect to our Whole selves to our intuition and to truth.

From a place of rest, resource and power we can come to a place of knowing and clarity.

From a connected place we can move forward in life with certainty.

Clarity sessions cost £80

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