I am a Trauma therapist and Cranial Sacral Therapist based in Bristol, UK. I offer an integrated mind- body approach to working with trauma. I also offer training to Health Professionals and Antenatal practitioners in trauma awareness, birth trauma & trauma informed care. And I facilitate workshops and retreats, empowering individuals and groups to explore what it feels like to be ‘enough’ and accept the whole spectrum of all that they are.

As a Trauma doula and Antenatal Educator I have worked with mothers and families, whose experience of pregnancy, birth and parenthood have been impacted by trauma. This work has shown me our immense capacity to process trauma, to connect, to love and ultimately to feel free. I have witnessed how much of our experiences are held in our bodies and the importance of listening to the stories and metaphors that unravel from our body spaces in order for us to heal, feel alive and be at home in who we are.


I am passionate about shining a light on and exploring the ripple effect of trauma on our bodies and our lives and empowering my clients to heal and transform even the of deepest wounds.

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