Healing through heart connection
11:30 am11:30

Healing through heart connection

Trauma and painful life experiences can leave you feeling disconnected, fragmented and not in charge of the shape and feel of your relationships, your work, your self and your life.

This is a one day intensive workshop, where together we will safely journey through the body and into the heart space, here lays the key to connection, your authentic voice and your deepest desires.

Using psychotherapeutic tools, authentic movement, Craniosacral touch, shamanic practices, relational work and Somatic meditation you will get the chance to explore the depths of your internal landscape, and the art of listening, and sharing that truth in relationship.

Together we will work to open our hearts, listen deeply and share in the act of witnessing each other move into the collective power of being ‘enough’.

Marcella is an experienced Trauma Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist , birth specialist, retreat leader and public speaker.

Henrietta is a Somatic psychotherapist, Craniosacral Therapist, authentic movement practitioner and experienced retreat leader.

having witnessed the transformative power of a mind-body framework to healing from trauma both personally and in their clinical work they have come together to create a unique, rich and powerful approach with the hope they may empower you to come into relationship to your personal capacity to feel Connected, whole and vital.

These day workshops will be running monthly, each month using a new set of tools to go deeper and get used to listening and trusting our authentic voice and to the lightness of feeling whole.

To book a place please email




Day retreats investment - £80 (concessions available please get in touch for further details)

Discounts available for several workshops booked together.

Marcella Howard -


Henrietta Wynn Finch - www.movingjourneys.co.uk

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Delving into the Heart meditation Circle
7:30 pm19:30

Delving into the Heart meditation Circle

I will be offering a Monthly Meditation class on the first Monday of the month at the gorgeous Wild Wolf Yoga in Bristol. It will be a space to delve into our hearts and be nourished by the compassion, lightness and love that we all hold here.

This is a space for those interested in developing a relationship to their heart. 

When we embody our heart space it offers us a sense of ease, interest and flow. 

We can relate to others with compassion and love. 

We can listen, give and do with the knowledge that all that we put out into the world feeds and nourishes us in return.

The heart offers us abundance, vitality and gives us a sense of the truth - that we are all  ‘enough’ exactly as we are.

Each month we will explore a different heart centred meditation and then come together to explore our shared stories, metaphors and felt sense of embodying our heart space.

Many of us have developed a belief that it is dangerous to live and love with an open heart, this group is an offering to quietly listen to what we hold here and to be with. 

In my work as a Trauma Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist and in my group work I continue to be in awe of the transformative power that  listening to and embodying our heart centre can offer. 

This class is open to those people both new and experienced at meditation as it will be guided. 

The class is also designed for those that have attended any extended heart space retreats and want a place to gently touch base with the offering. 

Investment is £8 in advance via PayPal or £10 to just drop in.

To book onto the class and pay in advance or if you have any questions about the class then get in touch or email -marcella@marcellahoward.com 

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Trusting you are enough workshop.
10:00 am10:00

Trusting you are enough workshop.

You are enough. How does it feel to rest back into the knowledge that without doing, or changing, learning or letting go that you are enough to be welcomed, embraced and celebrated. It is imperative we stop in our pursuit for idealism and embrace the reality of where we are now, that we let in all sides of our unique human nature, of our defences, our shadow selves, our judgments and embrace our strengths, our capacity to heal, to be guided by our own internal compass and live lives from this free place of power and delight. When we come home to ourselves we can open our heart to love, compassion and wisdom, we can let go of patterns no longer serving us and we can connect to others in a deep and profound way.

In this day long ‘trusting you are enough workshop’ we will explore this powerful, important work through coming into relationship to our somatic felt sense, through meditation, group discussion, relationional work, ceremony and cranial touch.

To book onto this workshop email marcella@marcellahoward.com today.

To find out about Marcella’s experience, work and approach click here.

To read testimonials click here.

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