Marcella was brilliant. She gave me some much needed space to heal after a traumatic birth and reconnect again. Her words were thoughtful and resonant and the body work was very peaceful. A really good experience.
— Siobhan, Child Psychotherapist
Marcella is an incredibly intuitive practitioner, she is full of care, passion and integrity that moves from the heart. Her retreats are real, provocative, and creative. A gift to all women in all stages of life. Except to laugh, cry, feel uncomfortable and also rest in deep assuring peace.
— Fay, Yoga Teacher/Retreat Facilitator
Marcella’s Cranial Sacral Therapy is a subtle yet powerful practice which ultimately guides, facilities and supports processes of self healing
— Sam, Artist
My treatment with Marcella was really powerful. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Marcella provides an incredibly calm environment that feels safe and nurturing. The treatment itself was extremely effective at unlocking emotional and physical tension and I felt hugely different afterword, more peaceful, relaxed and able to deal with things that were going on. I will go again and hope to have more treatments for me and my new baby when it comes.
— Heidi, Business Owner
Marcella is a kind, compassionate therapist. She cares deeply and is able to listen. she is accepting of all sides a client brings. She trusts that we all have a capacity to heal. I am grateful for the work we continue to do together.
When Marcella spoke it was like her heart was the size of the room and we were all welcomed in.
I came to see Marcella after someone from the Fibramyalgia support group recommended her. I have tried every therapy going and had no expectation this was going to help. What first struck me about Marcella was how pleasant she was, she made no promises about being able to help me but seemed very genuinely interested in my diagnosis. She let me lead the sessions, and checked in to make sure I felt safe. I had talked about my condition and my history of trauma many times before and it had not helped alleviate my symptoms. In the past talking about my past had made the pain worse. Marcella thought it would be appropriate to help develop my resources as a focus of the sessions. Coming into a relationship with my nervous system and my body through talk and touch seemed to help me rest, Sometimes I would fall into a deep sleep - considering my insomnia this seemed like magic. After many sessions I found unexpected memories and feelings would come up and I started to talk about the images and what they meant to me. I don’t really know what Marcella does or how this therapy works but it does. I still have Fibromyalgia but it is manageable. I have a place I can go where I can be held and leave feeling a little more whole.
— Ruth, Retired
I had six treatments with Marcella. I didn’t go for a specific reason but more out of inquisitiveness and to see how the work she does may benefit my emotional, physical and mental health. I was bowled over by the effects the treatments had upon me. Physically the sessions left me feeling rejuvenated, restored and resourced. Emotionally I felt more connected to parts of myself from which I had been disconnected or wasn’t aware of., and this obviously had a hugely positive effect on my mental health. I would highly recommend Marcella to anyone who wishes to reconnect with themselves in a meaningful way.
— Andreya, Teacher
I have always struggled with big life decisions, in the past after any change I was left feeling anxious. During a ‘finding clarity session’ Marcella holds a space where I can really connect with my instinct, let go of fear and trust my intuition. I would really recommend a session with Marcella for anyone battling with indecision and anxiety.
— Mia, Business owner
My impression is that you are and intuitive therapist who is skilled at creating space in which someone like my daughter, who is a younger teenager learning how to interact in the adult world, can tentatively express herself safely. she says you are a really nice person. She doesn’t gush. Thank you.
— Zanna, Business Owner