Trauma Therapy

A Mind-Body approach to Trauma Therapy

Trauma is hell on earth, healing from trauma is a gift from the gods.
— Peter Levine

Trauma lives on in our body. long after the original overwhelming experience. Our nervous system believes we are still under threat, we continue to experience a fight or flight response and struggle to feel safe. When our nervous system is in an agitated or collapsed state due to unprocessed trauma we live with ongoing debilitating symptoms. For this reason it is imperative we have a mind-body approach when working with the affects of trauma.

At the heart of healing from trauma is the human relationship. I offer my clients a safe, consistent, honest and heart led space from within which you can explore all that you are and find integration.

My approach has been influenced by my training in Somatic experiencing tools for trauma recovery, the work of Peter Levine, the Somatic trauma recovery work of Babbette Rothschild, my ongoing Counselling skills training in the Psychodynamic approach and in my Craniosacral therapy practice. My clinical work has been guided by client feedback and has led me to provide an integrated and holistic approach to healing trauma that uses dialogue, cranial touch and awareness of the nervous system’s response to trauma. 

This combination of approaches allows the pace and nature of these therapy sessions to be guided by the clients’ own resources. Some clients feel safer and more comfortable exploring their experiences through dialogue and only with time begin to relate to the body and the nervous system, while others find the deep, restful space of Cranial touch the right place to start and then later may explore what is released - memories, stories and patterns – through dialogue.

I have witnessed my clients miraculously transform and heal when using this approach, the ripple effect being the release and even disappearance of long-standing and painful symptoms and conditions such as fibromyalgia, self harm, insomnia, PTSD, dissociation, fertility issues, eating disorders, anxiety, general aches and pains, back pain, migraines, ante-natal, pregnancy and post-natal conditions and much more. 

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